Kerbs, Steps, Manholes Cheshire

Welcome to our Kerbs, Steps & Manholes Cheshire section.

Please feel free to view some of the Kerbs, Steps & Manholes Cheshire projects we have recently completed.

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Tumbled Kerb Project in West Cheshire

This is a recent Kerb project we completed in the West Cheshire area. We used tumbled kerbs for edging for a driveway.
gale jones 1023

Charcoal Kerb Project in South Cheshire

This is a Charcoal Kerb project we completed recently in the South Cheshire area. We used charcoal kerbs for the edging of the front door step of a house.
gale jones 1114

Treble Steps Project in Higher Bebington

This project shows the three steps we built to create a walkway up to the raised patio area of a house in the Higher Bebington area of The Wirral.
stuart bebington pics 195

Tegula Step

New step and driveway

Double Tier Steps

Double tier steps in the Cheshire area.