Turfing Cheshire

Welcome to our Turfing Cheshire section.

Please feel free to view some of the Turfing Cheshire projects we have recently completed.

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Minister Pro Turfing Project in North Cheshire

This is a Circular Turfing project we have recently completed in the North Cheshire area. This particular turf is called Minster Pro and is used for Golf Greens on many of the countrys famous golf courses.

Raised Circular Lawn

Here is a raised circular lawn project in the Cheshire area of the North West

Medallion Turfing Project in South Cheshire

This is another example of a Medallion Turfing project we have recently completed in the South Cheshire area.

Medallion Turfing Project in East Cheshire

This is a Medallion Turfing project we recently completed in East Cheshire. We used Medallion Grade Turf for the lawn as it is very hardwearing.